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Do you have burning questions about Sassy Hong Kong? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us directly.

How did Sassy start?

Sassy Hong Kong was born when three friends decided to create an online and offline community to help people connect and share Hong Kong discoveries. It all started with small happy hour gatherings (big thank you to the four girls who came to our very first Sassy Hour!) and a simple blog where we shared our favourite finds.

We grew thanks to the very community we wanted to build! Word started to spread and before long our happy hours were filled to the brim and we upgraded our blog to become a real site. Over the years, we made the decision to focus on what our readers love most: our content. Our team has expanded but we stay true to our roots and remember exactly why we started Sassy.

We’re here to highlight the best of Hong Kong – helping our community navigate life in the diverse, fast-paced, vibrant city we call home.

What sets Sassy apart from the other sites in the city?

We focus on discovering hidden hotspots and underrated local gems – restaurants, bars, shops, spas, gyms and much more. We spotlight both the local and expat community – sharing the stories and businesses of anyone and everyone who calls Hong Kong home. We also work with companies to bring you Sassy Perks, including exclusive discounts codes, free trials and irresistible giveaways. We understand media platforms have a responsibility to the community and we pride ourselves on sharing honest and inspiring content.

How can I get my brand featured on Sassy?

We make every effort to support the incredibly talented and passionate businesses in Hong Kong and we’re always on the lookout to spotlight new favourites in the 852. If you would like to consider advertising with us and want to know about our various offers across the website, social media, newsletters, events and more, please reach out to [email protected].

If we can work out a suitable fit between our brand and yours, we would love to support your growth!

How can I tell you about a product/service, or suggest a potential interview?

Have you found something you love and want to share with the Sassy community in Hong Kong? Please do send the team a note at [email protected]. We enjoy hearing reader reviews and recommendations. If you’re associated with the business or person you are promoting, please mention this upfront. Don’t worry, we understand and appreciate loyalty and will apply our editorial discretion while using your recommendations.

What’s editorial and what’s paid-for on Sassy? 

Sassy Scoops, Featured Listings and Web Advertisements are paid-for features and are clearly labelled as such on all our channels. We work with handpicked companies that we feel have something to offer our readers. We actually turn down paid offers that we don’t feel are a good fit for Sassy (we’re proud to be picky!). We try to be inclusive in the range of services and products promoted on our site, social media channels and newsletters, keeping in mind diverse tastes and needs.

Everything else on this site is at our editorial team’s discretion. We can’t cover every business in Hong Kong but we do try to cover the best! We use a mix of personal reviews, comments and experiences from our team, valued readers, contributors and partners.

We do receive invitations to review certain businesses, along with products provided for our consideration. All reviews are honest. We never feature a business or product that we found to have no redeeming features for our readers. There’s so much popping up in Hong Kong, we’d rather concentrate on showing you all the places we love (after all, no one wants to read about the worst burger in Hong Kong).

How can I be added to your mailing list?

Some of our articles use affiliate links to other websites, which give us a small percentage commission if you happen to click through and make a purchase. We only receive commission if you purchase the product through the link and it does not add ANY extra costs to you as the customer – the commission comes straight out of the retailer’s pocket! If you return a product, our commission is returned as well. We only feature affiliate links for a few select companies that we love and regularly shop from ourselves.

How can I join the Sassy community?

You can be added to our mailing list by signing up for our newsletters via the sign-up boxes on our website. We also run giveaways from time to time and you can also be added to our mailing list by entering to win. We make it clear that by signing up for our giveaway you are giving us permission to add you to our mailing list.

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