10 April, 2024
Cute fancy affordable housewarming gifts houseware ceramics candles charcuterie homeware kitchen pots
Cute fancy affordable housewarming gifts houseware ceramics candles charcuterie homeware kitchen pots
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15 Best Unique & Practical Housewarming Gifts

10 April, 2024
Cute fancy affordable housewarming gifts houseware ceramics candles charcuterie homeware kitchen pots

Got invited to a housewarming party but still dwelling on the right gift? We’ve compiled a list of compact, practical yet unique and thoughtful gifts for Hong Kong homes!

Shopping for housewarming gifts is extra thorny in Hong Kong, and we spend a lot of time agonising over gifts that won’t take up much space and instead, even help small spaces. As self-proclaimed gifting experts, we’ve got you covered! The housewarming gifts below are compact, functional and most are easily available in stores throughout Hong Kong (no more shipping charges!), and they will definitely add personality to any space! We’re aware you will be shopping across different budgets, so expect to find housewarming gifts for friends, family members, coworkers or even total strangers ranging from about $200 and up to $3,880.

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Thorn & Burrow, Daisy Vase, $280

Perfect for your at-home work desk or bedside table, this unique vase comes to life with some fresh foliage!

Francfranc, Go Table Pot & Pan 6 Pieces, $790

Storing pots and pans always gets awkward when the handles stick out and prevent you from fully closing kitchen cabinets. Which is why this pot set with detachable handles is a lifesaver for Hong Kong homes!

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Aesop, Bathroom Essentials Bundle, $950

This divine-smelling essentials trio includes the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and a Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser to help hands recover from all that moving-in cleaning.

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HOOOME, Mini Retro Candle Warmer, $428

Safer, compact and chic, this candle warmer comes with adjustable lighting and temperatures to suit different candles, and it always burns evenly (this is a tried and tested product!).

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Gemini, 2-In-1 Sandwich And Waffle Maker, $338

Make the most important meal of the day extra special with this sandwich and waffle maker – it’s non-stick, making it easy to clean and doesn’t take much space!

SMEG, Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, $3,880

Coffee is practically a staple for many people, and this retro coffee machine (which isn’t bulky!) will have anyone testing out their barista skills!

Glass Farm, Beachside Terrarium, $899

Not everyone has a green thumb but even a tiny succulent is enough to brighten your space. This low-maintenance terrarium is perfect even for black thumbs!

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Zara Home, Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder, $449

We love the sleek design of this wooden knife holder, and the stone base offers plenty of support to keep it in place.

Gar Lai Lau, Bank of China Tower Art Print, $450

You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to love how unique prints add personality to your space. This one doesn’t come with a frame, but you can easily purchase an inexpensive one from IKEA.

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Le Creuset, Straight Wall Ramekin Set Of 2, $203

These handy ramekin bowls are perfect for munching on snacks as well as easy baking. Also, who can resist Le Creuset’s range of colours?

housewarming gift ideas hong kong 2024 home decor: moma wine holder

Kartell, Infinity Wine Rack, $1,280

For the wine collectors, this rack designed by Ron Arad comes in 16 separate components, giving you full freedom to organise and arrange your wines. If you ever run out of bottle space, you can purchase more components to add on!

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housewarming gift ideas hong kong 2024 home decor: friends cookbook

Friends: The Official Cookbook By Amanda Yee, $300

Gather your friends and prepare to say “How you doin’?” to more than 100 recipes inspired by the beloved hit sitcom! You can run your fingers through recipes of all levels and don’t forget to play your favourite episodes as you cook!

housewarming gift ideas hong kong 2024 home decor: plantable calendar

MyecoDesigns, Plantable Calendar, $238

A handy calendar, mini planner and your garden supply all in one! Once each month is done, simply tear up the calendar, pot it, water it and give it ample sunlight: soon, daisy, poppy and celosia blooms will pop up to say hi!

housewarming gift ideas hong kong 2024 home decor: staunton henry glass fruit bowl

Staunton & Henry, Glass And Wood Fruit Bowl, $290

Chic and useful, this glass fruit bowl with a wood base will elevate any dining table and remind you to eat your fruits!

housewarming gift ideas hong kong 2024 home decor: charcuterie board

Eborn Alice, Share Your Love Charcuterie Box, $699

If you’re looking to bring something to nibble on during the housewarming party, this grazing box will have at least one thing that each guest will love. Place your orders at least 24 hours in advance, with the options to add extra cheese, cutlery, chutney and a personalised message (in form of cheese, of course!).

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Editor’s Note: All listed prices were correct at the time of publication.

Main image by Anna Shvets via Pexels, image 1 courtesy of Thorn & Burrow, image 2 courtesy of Francfranc, image 3 courtesy of Aesop, image 4 courtesy of HOOOME, image 5 courtesy of Gemini, image 6 courtesy of SMEG, image 7 courtesy of Glass Farm, image 8 courtesy of Zara Home, image 9 courtesy of Gar Lai Lau, image 10 courtesy of Le Creuset, image 11 courtesy of Kartell, image 12 courtesy of Bookazine, image 13 courtesy of Etsy, image 14 courtesy of Staunton & Henry, image 15 courtesy of Eborn Alice.

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