27 March, 2024
Hong Kong Rock Formations: Star Rock, Cross Stone, Lung Kwu Tan
Hong Kong Rock Formations: Star Rock, Cross Stone, Lung Kwu Tan
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6 Instagrammable Rock Formations To Visit In Hong Kong

27 March, 2024
Hong Kong Rock Formations: Star Rock, Cross Stone, Lung Kwu Tan

From Rhino Rock to Devil’s Fist, here are 6 Instagrammable rock formations in Hong Kong that are worth the hike.

There are those who enjoy hiking for the challenge or to simply enjoy the great outdoors, and then there are those who need a satisfying view and brag-worthy picture to make the hike worthwhile. From giant boulders that resemble animals (rhinos, and poodles and sharks, oh my!)  to rocks that will make you feel hungry, these natural formations justify the trek. We’ve included a few easy-to-get-to locations and some more physically demanding hikes that you can work your way up to.

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Hong Kong Rock Formations: Rhino Rock, Che Pau Teng

Rhino Rock – Che Pau Teng, Stanley

This is a great one to start with if you’re a beginner. It shouldn’t take you more than 1.5 hours to reach Rhino Rock, but be sure to wear proper hiking shoes as parts of the trail can be quite slippery. If you’re brave enough, you can climb over the back of the rhino’s head (there’s a tree with some rope that can help you up), and perch yourself on its muzzle – you’ll get a great view of the turquoise waters below!

How to get there: To get to the starting point, take bus 14 or 6A to Stanley Fort and alight at the last stop. Alternatively, walk 3o minutes from Stanley Market, following the steps beside the military gate and going on the trail till you reach Che Pau Teng. At the peak, you’ll find a ribbon marking a bushy path that leads to Rhino Rock.

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Hong Kong Rock Formations: Poodle Stone, Ling Kok Shan

Poodle Stone – Ling Kok Shan, Lamma Island

This one’s for you dog lovers! Starting from Sok Wu Wan, the hike up to Ling Kok Shan and back should only take you two to three hours (depending on how long you spend taking pictures, that is) and is easy enough to do with your own furry friend in tow. Take in breathtaking views of Lamma Island and end your day at one of Lamma’s beaches below.

How to get there: Take the ferry from Central Ferry Pier 4 to Sok Wu Wan. From there, walk along the Lamma Island Family Walk towards Mo Tat Wan until you reach a set of stairs leading up to the Ling Kok Shan trail. You’ll find Poodle Stone perched near the top.

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Hong Kong Rock Formations: Devil's Fist, Wong Chuk Kok Tsui

Devil’s Fist – Wong Chuk Kok Tsui

The hike to Devil’s Fist is not for the faint-hearted, but the trail is a rock enthusiasts’ paradise with magnificent formations along the way that date back to over 400 million years ago. Aim to arrive at low tide so you can get the full effect of the fist, wrist included. To its right, you’ll also find the Devil’s Seat, a rock throne on which to rest upon after your arduous journey.

How to get there: Take minibus 20K from Tai Po Market East Rail Station to Wu Kau Tang. From there, follow the Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail until you reach Luk Wu Tang. Head up Dit Sei Kau then down Fung Wong Tau, and continue towards Fung Wong Wan Teng. Finally, make your way past Pak Kok Shan then Tai Leng. When you get to a pile of rocks and a Qing dynasty-era Chinese signpost, that means you’ve reached Wong Chuk Kok Watch Base. From there, traverse down to the coastline where you’ll find the Devil’s Fist.

Sassy Tip: You can cheat your way to the photo point by scheduling a speedboat to take you from Wong Shek Ferry to Wong Chuk Kok Tsui.

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Hong Kong Rock Formations: Sliced Bread Rock, Lung Kwu Wan

Sliced Bread Rock  – Lung Kwu Tan

Do you always work up an appetite when you’re on a hike? Along this seven km trail, you’re going to feel like you’re really starting to see things when you come across this oddly appetising rock formation. Apart from the rock-hard loaf, the trail through Castle Peak Basin also boasts some unique terrain down the Red Gullies and Moon Canyon.

How to get there: Start at Pak Long bus station and follow the paved path to Emperor Rock where the real hiking will begin. Climb over the yellow barrier and slowly make your way up the sandy uphill path. A good resting spot is Rock Pile Top before reading Sliced Bread Rock by Tai Lang Shui Stream.

Sassy Tip: Around the area, you’ll also find Star Rock (otherwise known as Cross Stone), where you can attempt to recreate the first image in this article.

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Hong Kong Rock Formations: Mask Rock, Mount Nicholson

Mask Rock – Mount Nicholson

You don’t have to travel all the way to Easter Island to see the Moai statues. We’ve got the next best thing right here in Hong Kong! The two-hour hike up Mount Nicholson is a little steep and is recommended for intermediate hikers. But once you reach Mask Rock near the peak, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of the south side of Hong Kong, spanning Deep Water Bay and Tai Tam Country Park.

How to get there: Start at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park bus stop (the same starting point for the Violet Hill and Twin Peaks hike) then cross the street and through the garden until you reach Black’s Link around the bend. Follow the road, which will narrow down to a paved path entering Aberdeen Country Park. You’ll eventually reach a flat area with a large electric pole where you should be able to spot Mask Rock up towards your right. Reaching it will require a bit of scrambling.

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Hong Kong Rock Formations: Shark Rock, Tsz Wan Shan

Shark Rock – Tsz Wan Shan

A shark is the last thing you’d expect to encounter on a hike, but sure enough, there is one waiting for you at the end of Jut’s Incline (cue the “Jaws” theme song). This is another easy half-day journey suitable for beginners. The boulder looks scarily like a Great White, complete with small pebbles for teeth added by other hikers.

How to get there: From Diamond Hill MTR Station, walk 15 minutes to Fu Shan Bus Terminus on Po Kong Village Road. Find the boom barrier that marks the start of the trail and walk down the road past a stream and cemetery. From the cemetery, take the trail on the left and follow the path up to another cemetery. Turn left and follow the steps leading up through Nam Shan Mei. You can stop by the Hollow Tree (another popular photo op) by the stream before you finally reach Shark Rock (about 60 metres to the left of the tree).

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