28 February, 2024
hong kong homes limited space
hong kong homes limited space
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A Realistic Hong Kong Home Tour: Over-Sink Racks, Under-Bed Storage & More

28 February, 2024
hong kong homes limited space

Hong Kong homes are notoriously known for their cramped-up apartments, here’s a realistic look into how we maximise space and style our Hong Kong homes…

An awkwardly diagonal kitchen, pea-sized washrooms, lack of wardrobe space and a window looking straight into your neighbour’s house – these problems are all too normal for Hong Kong homes (cubicles really). The silver lining is getting to play around creatively to make full use of our limited space. From under-bed storage that’s a Hong Kong staple to dish-drying racks suitable for small kitchens, and more “luxurious” transformations like a walk-in closet, here’s a realistic home tour – Sassy edition!

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A Bed With Storage, My Holy Grail!

I absolutely love the ingenious design of my bed where the top lifts and reveals hidden storage space beneath. It’s super practical – the extra space allows me to store big suitcases, seasonal clothing, footwear and any other extra household items that aren’t in constant use.

In a compact living space like mine, it’s a true game-changer because it helps maximise functionality and keeps clutter at bay. Although it came with my rented apartment, I would totally invest in a similar bed in the future!

– Najuka Redkar, Editor 

Where To Shop Similar Storage Beds In Hong Kong


An Over-Sink Solution

We recently moved flats and our new kitchen was slightly smaller than our last one, so in an attempt to keep as many of our kitchen items as possible, we had to get creative with how we used the space. There is rarely any room for drying your dishes beside your sink, so this dish drying rack we found was the perfect solution!

All our mugs, dishes, and cutlery can dry and drip right into the sink, plus we are able to hang other things like washing gloves and straw cleaners – there’s even a dedicated space for our dish soap and surface cleaner!

– Nicole Moraleda, Executive Editor 

Where To Shop Similar Over-Sink Dish Racks In Hong Kong


Making Use Of Vertical Space In A Small Balcony

I love plants so much, it can be a problem – I have never left the Flower Market without at least three plants to bring home. I have a rather small balcony but I was on a mission to fit as many plants as possible and make full use of the amazing sunlight. I scoured Amazon and Carousell to find a suitable plant stand to make use of the vertical space and sourced some ideas.

I then used the image search function on Baopals and found the perfect stand that was the optimal height and had space for hanging plants – and it only cost me $100! Best part, it has wheels so I can easily move it aside when I need to clean the floor! I so far have 11 plants on the stand and I’m constantly finding ways to add more.

Shop the stand here.

– Fashila Kanakka, Editor 

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A Budget-Friendly Walk-In Closet

This bedroom is only reasonably big enough for a full-size bed (at best) but I’ve definitely taken away any potential for overnight guests in this room. The wardrobe while HUGE holds all of my husband’s clothing, my clothing and all of my purses. I added the hanging rack instead of another wardrobe because I like the idea of being able to come into the room and browse through my most worn pieces, making it a shopping experience each time I get dressed.

Adding the drawers gave us the space we needed for quick-grab items like T-shirts and workout clothing. The shoe rack was intentionally purchased to be small enough to hide behind the wardrobe because I wanted the absolutely chaotic pile of shoes to not be seen by not only visitors but also me.

All the items in the room are from IKEA.

– Haley Herbst, Partnerships Manager 

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Main image courtesy of Haley Herbst, image 1 courtesy of Najuka Redkar, image 2 courtesy of Nicole Moraleda, image 3 courtesy of Fashila Kanakka, image 4 courtesy of Haley Herbst, all other images courtesy of respective brands.

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