9 April, 2024
leather designer bag brands luxury Hong Kong
leather designer bag brands luxury Hong Kong

Designer Bag Brands: 10 Must-Have Affordable Luxury Bags

9 April, 2024
leather designer bag brands luxury Hong Kong

From quiet luxury bags to downtown cool tote bags, these affordable designer brands are no-brainer additions to your luxury bag collection.

Warning: if you’re anything like us, these accessibly priced local and international designer handbags will have you turning your sofa into a handbag collection display stand (does anyone really need to sit on a sofa when the floor is clean enough, though?). It’s easy to get distracted by the latest trends and end up with bag regret, so we’ve pulled together a list of investment handbag pieces that will never go out of style. They may be a tiny bit of a splurge, but you’re really doing your part for Mother Nature by choosing well-crafted, high-quality handbags that will stand the test of time.

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Polene quiet luxury affordable designer bag Hong Kong leather

Polène — A Hong Kong-favourite quiet luxury brand

You might have seen Polène’s quiet luxury handbags all over social media or maybe you’ve heard about the queues at their Paris shop, but these minimalist Italian leather bags are more than just the winner of the quiet luxury style. Polène was founded by the Mothay siblings in 2016 to create functional and reasonably priced leather bags in playful shapes that are both timeless and fun. Not to mention, each piece is created in the Spanish town of Ubrique, famous for their leather artisans.

How Much: From as low as $2,800

What To Buy: We would take the sable Ilo bag (around $2,820) to afternoon tea with our Pilates friends; there’s something so delightful about how the leather straps frame the bag’s canvas body.

Polène, available online, shipping is just under $200 for a bag, www.polene-paris.com

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affordable bags designer handbags luxury brands fashion style cafune timeless minimalist classic leather sustainable satchel

Cafuné — Timeless, affordable leather bags sourced from Italy

Founded in Hong Kong by lifelong friends Queenie Fan and Day Lau in 2015, Cafuné strives to re-imagine luxury by emphasising mindfulness and sustainable choices. The name comes from the Portuguese word describing the act of brushing through a loved one’s hair (isn’t that sweet?), and each minimalist handbag is meant to create an emotional connection with its wearer.

How Much: From as low as $589 for pouches, Airpod cases and clutches, and starting around $1,241 for phone cross-bodies and bags

What To Buy: The way the delicate gold chain sets off the strong lines of new arrival Stance Chain ($2,198) makes it the perfect luxury bag to dress up a casual outfit for a stroll around Tai Hang.

Cafuné, available online (with free shipping to Hong Kong) and at its physical stockists (in Hong Kong, that’s kapok!), www.ca-fune.com

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Mlouye designer luxury handbag leather tote shouder bag clutch Hong Kong

Mlouye — Turkish designer brand offering affordable functional luxury bags

The Maths lover in us is thrilled by the geometric shapes of this Istanbul-based designer brand brought to life by industrial designer Meb Rure in 2015. Rure was directly inspired by the artists and architects of the Bauhaus movement and Mlouye’s sculptural bags come in all sorts of delightful shapes that are works of art in their own right. The superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials give the bags a luxury feel at a relatively affordable price.

How Much: From as low as $1,908.

What To Buy: We’re going to live out our K-drama heiress moonlighting as the owner of a candy shop fantasies with the origami-inspired Micro Flex Bag ($2,742), which comes in delicious pastel colours.

Mlouye, available online (with free express shipping to Hong Kong), www.mlouye.com

Broken Fingers Hong Kong Handmade Leather bag affordable designer brand

Broken Fingers+ — Stylish handmade Hong Kong bags with social impact

Small batch, handmade and with a social impact to boot – can you really say no to Broken Fingers+’s Italian goatskin handbags? Founded in 2014 by graphic designer Yoma Ma and artist Elyse Yip, Broken Fingers+ was initially envisioned as a niche designer brand with a cult following. However, after 8 years in the business, Yoma realised that empowering their artisans, many of whom are disabled, had become the driving mission of the company. Broken Fingers+ now spreads their message of compassion and community through their high-quality leather handbags.

How Much: From as low as $540

What To Buy: There’s a reason why the Box Tote XS Italian Goatskin Handbag ($1,899) is always sold out (it’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me). What else would we take with us to browse art galleries in the city?

Broken Fingers+, available online (with free shipping within Hong Kong), www.brokenfingers-plus.com

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Fleuron quiet luxury designer leather brand affordable Hong Kong

Fleuron — Understated and affordable Paris-designed luxury handbags

It tickles us that Fleuron’s Swann bags look just like Scottish Fold cats, but that’s just part of the reason we’re in love with these Paris-designed, Italian-crafted leather bags. Another designer brand newcomer, Fleuron was launched in 2020 with the ethos of “slow fashion” and the mantra of “make less, but better”. Clearly, the brand’s approach to making fair-priced, high-quality luxury bags is working because its bags are championed by devotees of classic style with an edge, like actor Lily Collins and influencer Anouchka Gauthier.

How Much: From as low as $2,590

What To Buy: It’s so hard to choose from among the neutral-to-vibrant shades that the Mini Swann ($3850) comes in, but regardless of the colour, we’ll still take it with us for happy hour with our cat lady friends.

Fleuron, available online (with $200 DHL shipping to Hong Kong), www.fleuron.fr

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affordable bags designer handbags luxury brands fashion style strathberry classic nano midi classic soft pastels leather metal bra closure

Strathberry — Designer handbag brand with affordable ultra-luxe classic bags

Strathberry had royal watchers watching bags instead when Meghan Markle was papped with a Strathberry mini-tote and then one of the designer brand’s popular crossbody bags. Not long after, more princesses (Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales and Princess Eugenie) were seen in public with Strathberry bags. It’s no wonder that this Scottish bag brand is fit for royalty as it’s best known for its classic shapes and luxe aesthetic, along with that signature bar closure.

How Much: From as low as $1,196

What To Buy: On the days when we’re feeling like queens, we’re strutting around with the Lana Osette Pouch ($1,472).

Strathberry, available online (with free shipping to Hong Kong on orders over $1,700) and Lane Crawford, hk.strathberry.com

affordable bags designer handbags luxury brands fashion style senreve leather vegan italy tuscany

SENREVE — Leather and vegan designer handbags made in Italy

Founded in 2016 by incredible high achievers Coral Chung and Wendy Wen, SENREVE’s affordable luxury handbags are either made of fine Italian leather or different types of vegan leather (one of the leathers is made from cactus leaves!). Like the founders, the bags are feminine and cosmopolitan at the same time.

How Much: From as low as $1,750

What To Buy: We can’t say no to a good pastry, so it’s got to be the Mini Cornetti ($3,250), which is named after the Cornetto. We might even do a few selfies at an artisanal bakery with the bag.

SENREVE, available online (with free shipping to Hong Kong), www.senreve.com

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Staud Vintage luxury leather designer bag brand affordable tote bag

STAUD — Vintage-inspired affordable bags with effortless style

We knew that STAUD co-founder Sarah Staudinger would be a fashion powerhouse when we found out that the iconic Cher is her godmother. With her business partner, George Augusto, Staudinger has managed to lock down the effortless West Coast vibe with sophisticated yet affordable designer bags full of personality, not to mention sustainable to boot (to bag?). Each collection draws inspiration from vintage clothing and street art, and most pieces are meant to be worn from day to night.

How Much: From as low as $1795

What To Buy: Is there a more delightful bag than the Palm Bag Leaf ($2,720)? You’re going to see that on our arm when we go on a beach getaway.

STAUD, available online at its website, Lane Crawford, NET-A-PORTER and SSENSE, www.staud.clothing

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affordable bags designer handbags luxury brands martin margiela vegan leather classic

MM6 Maison Margiela — Downtown chic vegan leather handbags

This Belgian designer’s avant-garde and deconstructed clothing hardly needs any introduction, and every chic goth girl lights up a black candle and puts on their Tabi shoes to rush to Maison Margiela whenever there’s a vintage bag re-edition. For those who don’t wake up in a velvet bed to music from The Cure, Maison Margiela’s MM6 diffusion line is more accessible and wearable, but with the same unique and iconic silhouettes. The bags especially are so distinctively Margiela, you could use them as your ticket to enter a vampire bar.

How Much: From as low as $2,440

What To Buy: What else would lovers of black cats pick but the vegan leather handbags, especially the origami-inspired Japanese Bag Classic Mini ($2,800) which of course needs to be paired with mega-smokey eyes.

MM6 Maison Margiela, available online at its website and in-store at its shop in Hong Kong, www.maisonmargiela.com

affordable bags designer handbags luxury brands fashion style weat homegrown hong kong toast bag

WEAT — Flirty and affordable designer bags for cool girls

Founded by That Girl Nina Sieber, We Eat Avocado Toast — or WEAT — is a cool girl-approved handbag line inspired by Sieber’s experiences living in Hong Kong. There’s so much zest and joie de vivre in the riot of colours, styles and materials; we’re talking rhinestones and smiley faces here. We also love taking a peek at the style guide on their website for fashion inspiration!

How Much: From as low as $980

What To Buy: Vegan leather bags never looked so glam with the Crepe Bag Crystal ($1,380), a quintessential out-on-the-town bag if we ever saw one.

WEAT, available online (with free shipping to Hong Kong), us.weat-studio.com

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Editor’s Note: All listed prices were correct at the time of publication. “10 Must-Have Affordable Luxury Handbag Brands” was originally written by Ashleigh Butterworth and was most recently updated in April 2024 by Team Sassy.

Main image courtesy of STAUD via Instagram, image 1 courtesy of Polène, image 2 courtesy of Cafuné via Facebook, image 3 courtesy of Mlouye, image 4 courtesy of Broken Fingers+, image 5 courtesy of Flueron, image 6 courtesy of Strathberry, image 7 courtesy of SENREVE via Facebook, image 8 courtesy of STAUD via Instagram, image 9 courtesy of MM6 Maison Margiela, image 10 courtesy of WEAT.

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