18 April, 2024
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Alternative Therapy In Hong Kong: Reiki Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy & More

18 April, 2024
holistic healing main image

From Traditional Chinese Medicine, hypnotherapy, sound baths, Reiki energy healing and more — here’s your ultimate guide to holistic healing and alternative therapy in Hong Kong.

We’d like to think therapy isn’t quite a hush-hush topic anymore! It’s crucial to make our health and wellness a priority and sometimes, you just need a little more help. Lucky for us, Hong Kong is packed with great holistic healing and alternative therapy resources. From meditation to sound healing like gong baths, Traditional Chinese Medicine, art therapy, Reiki energy healing, hypnotherapy and more, there’s a wide range of options to explore.

Whether you’re looking to drop an unhealthy habit, support your ongoing conventional therapies or just looking for a little emotional guidance — this guide to holistic healing and alternative therapies in Hong Kong will help you find the best wellness resource to make you feel better.

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Acupuncture In Hong Kong
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Art Therapy In Hong Kong
Gong & Sound Healing Baths In Hong Kong
Hypnotherapy In Hong Kong
Mindfulness & Meditation In Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese Medicine In Hong Kong
Other Alternative Therapies In Hong Kong To Consider

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Editor’s Note: Alternative therapy is in no way meant to replace conventional Western medicine and traditional scientific techniques. You must always consult your doctor if you are unsure, and to make sure, that the alternative techniques will not impact or hinder your regular medicine or prescriptions.

Alternative Therapy In Hong Kong

holistic healing reiki energy

Reiki Energy Healing

Originating in Japan, Reiki (“rei” meaning ‘universal’, and “ki” meaning ‘life energy’ in Japanese) is an alternative therapy based on energy healing. Reiki practitioners transfer energy through the palms of their hands to facilitate healing. While Reiki often involves working with the seven chakras, or energy points, on the patient’s body, it’s important to note that Reiki isn’t limited to the chakra system alone. It aims to unblock and balance one’s energy, promoting overall well-being. Some Reiki practices even incorporate the use of crystals to further enhance the healing process and create a harmonious environment.

What it can help: This alternative therapy is thought to help with chronic pain, anxiety and depression, as well as a complementary therapy in the treatment of cancer and heart disease among other benefits. It’s also believed to be a preventative therapy for certain health issues.

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Where To Go For Reiki Energy Healing In Hong Kong

alternative therapies hong kong centre health wellness alternative therapies hong kong shakti healing centre reiki energy healing shamanism sound healing crystal bowls gong meditation feng shui relationship hypnotherapy

Shakti Healing Circle — Holistic wellness centre offering Reiki energy healing, shamanism, crystal bowls healing, meditation hypnotherapy and more

This award-winning wellness centre takes a holistic approach to your well-being, helping you heal at every level imaginable: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For 17 years, Shakti Healing Circle has been helping individuals awaken their “shakti” (power!) to transform themselves inside out — empowering you to manage everyday stress, become comfortable with yourself and achieve peace of mind. The most popular offering is the hands-on Reiki energy healing sessions (where you’ll receive energy healing from the practitioner) and classes teaching all levels so you can heal yourselves and others, as well as training for those who wish to teach Reiki.

Sassy Tip: Be sure to join Shakti’s free weekly guided meditation session that transfers to The Upper House about once a month, it’s a wonderful opportunity to experience a tranquil meditation.

Shakti Healing Circle, 1206-1207 Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2521 5099, www.shaktihealingcircle.com

Where Else To Go For Reiki Energy Healing In Hong Kong

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holistic healing acupuncture

Acupuncture In Hong Kong

Many swear by this ancient technique! An alternative therapy that’s an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture works by inserting ultra-thin needles through the skin into specific points on the body to help alleviate physical pain and psychological ailments. The underlying principle is to promote free-flowing energy and balance your Qi (life force) by removing any blockages in the main pathways (meridians) in which it flows.

What it can help: A wide range of ailments including migraines, back pain, insomnia, allergies and more.

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Where To Go For Acupuncture In Hong Kong

There are many great centres and clinics across the city offering acupuncture, the below suggestions are to get you started.

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holistic healing spiritual response therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) in Hong Kong

Clearing out energy blocks? Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) could be just what your spirit needs. This healing modality taps into your subconscious using a pendulum (a small weighted object on a string) and detailed charts to identify blocked energies and limiting beliefs. Then – poof! – it replaces them with positive, loving vibes. So if you want to let go of emotional baggage, live your best life, and generally feel lighter, SRT’s got your back.

What it can help: By getting to the energetic root of issues, SRT can alleviate anxiety, phobias, aches, pains and more

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Where To Go For Spiritual Response Therapy In Hong Kong

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holistic healing art therapy

Art Therapy

Tap into the power of art and unlock your deepest thoughts with art therapy, a holistic healing modality embraced by mental health professionals. Engaging your body, mind and spirit through artistic expression, it offers a unique platform to communicate your innermost feelings. Through kinaesthetic, sensory, and symbolic techniques, it becomes an excellent practice for those who may find it challenging to express themselves verbally.

What it can help: Enhance cognitive and sensory-motor functions, boost self-esteem, build emotional resilience, improve social skills, and help resolve issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief.

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Where To Go For Art Therapy In Hong Kong

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holistic healing sound bath

Sound Baths

Soak in a soothing bath of sound waves produced by hypnotic instruments. Sound baths are an ancient form of music meditation that is thought to date back thousands of years. This alternative therapy works on the theory that the vibrations created by the instruments lower the frequency of your brainwaves, allowing your mind to slow down, focus, clear up and become more attuned to your own energy.

During a session, you’ll lie on the floor with your eyes closed while a practitioner gently strikes a gong (or another musical instrument). Sessions may start with a gong sitting at the front of the room, followed by the practitioner holding the gong over your head and other areas of your body to allow the vibrations to take effect. Tibetan or crystal alchemy singing bowls are also used in sound healing baths.

What it can help: Reducing stress, removing emotional blockages and even stimulating an altered state of consciousness.

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Where To Go For Sound Healing In Hong Kong

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holistic healing hypnotherapy


Through the use of carefully chosen words, often accompanied by soothing music or other sounds, hypnotherapy induces a deeper (and heightened) state of consciousness. In this relaxed state, a skilled therapist helps by offering gentle positive suggestions to replace old and destructive thought patterns. Research carried out by the Stanford University School of Medicine found that hypnotherapy has the ability to alter brain activity and enhance “the brain’s ability to heal medical and psychiatric conditions”.

What it can help: Address behavioural issues, stress and anxiety, phobias, smoking, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and even stage fright! There are numerous other purposes for which this alternative therapy can be used.

Where To Go For Hypnotherapy In Hong Kong

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holistic healing mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

Similar to hypnotherapy, it’s been shown that meditation can reshape neural pathways in the brain to help create more positive and focused experiences. Practised for thousands of years, this alternative therapy helps quiet the mind, resulting in improved focus and clarity.

Rather than emptying the mind, mindfulness meditation encourages us to focus more on singular actions or feelings. From brushing your teeth to savouring a cup of tea, this practice teaches you to be fully present, embracing the moment, and appreciating the world around you.

What it can help: Reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing creativity, improving performance, cultivating self-awareness, and increasing attention spans. Meditation can also positively impact blood pressure, sleep quality, memory and more.

Where To Practice Mindfulness In Hong Kong

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holistic healing mindfulness traditional chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a vast all-encompassing alternative therapy with many branches and a very long history. The main principle behind TCM is treating the body as a whole, focusing on both prevention and treatment of illnesses. TCM diagnosis involves careful observation, listening, smelling (yep), questioning, and pulse checking. Therapies in TCM encompass acupuncture, moxibustion (burning dried mugwort on specific points of the body), tui na massage, cupping, scraping, herbal medicine, and more.

It’s worth reading GovHK’s information on TCM.

What can it help: Addressing various health concerns, including digestive issues, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), infertility, arthritis, insomnia, depression, chronic pain and more. With its holistic healing approach, TCM aims to restore balance and promote overall well-being.

Where To Go For Traditional Chinese Medicine In Hong Kong

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holistic healing crystal chakra healing

Other Alternative Therapies To Consider

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Editor’s Note: “Alternative Therapy In Hong Kong” was originally published by Alex Purcell Garcia and most recently updated in April 2024 by Team Sassy.

This article contains editorial selections and paid partnerships.

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